Privacy Policy

İlko İlaç Privacy Policy

İlko İlaç Sanayi ve Ticaret Anonim Şirketi (“İlko İlaç”), by virtue of this privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”), intends to maintain the confidentiality and privacy of the Web Site Users such as the real persons who visit the Website and those Web Site Users with a legal entity or which are in the form of organizations or corporations ("User") in principle by informing them of the terms of use of the web site (“Web Site”) regardless of whether they submit or provide data, images, videos, pictures or photograph types of materials. In this scope, the user is deemed to of had read and acknowledged all the conditions listed, including but not limited to those in this Privacy Policy, and those related with their requirements.

  1. Intellectual Property

    Any kind of information and documents including but not limited to the brands, designs, texts, information, voice, figures, images, news, prices, drawings, videos, content, logos, visuals, software, bulletins included on the Web Site, as well as any and all related intellectual property and/or copyrights (“Web Data”) are the property of İlko İlaç unless otherwise is stated. Web Data may not be used by the user without İlko İlaç's prior written permission, and any contrary act is to result in penal responsibility for the User.

  2. Content and Security

    Web Data has been offered solely to inform the User and it may not be considered as advice on legal, medical, financial, investment, tax, accounting and other similar matters. As a result, İlko İlaç does not recommend the User to take any action by relying on any Web Data on the Website.

    The User's use of the Web Data either in part or in full without İlko İlaç's written permission either directly or indirectly, the same as it is or in any other manner; copying of the Web Information, its transfer to another party, duplication, publication, storage, display, modification, destruction, possession for legal reasons, leasing, utilization with a sublicense, distribution and/or marketing of such is prohibited.

    İlko İlaç is entitled to unilaterally modify and update the content of the Web Site and the published terms and conditions without issuing a prior notice. İlko İlaç shows maximum care to ensure the accuracy and up-to-dateness of the Web Information.

    Continued use of the Web Site by the User after the modifications on the Confidentiality Policy shall mean that the User acknowledges the modifications related with the Confidentiality Policy. However, İlko İlaç does not guarantee the accuracy, correctness and up-to-dateness of the Web Information provided on the Web Site.

  3. Limitation of Liability

    Failure to update the Web information on the Web site, delaying the update, any potential wrong or missing item on the Web Information and/or any modifications shall not result in any responsibility of İlko İlaç, and the related issues shall not put İlko İlaç under any responsibilities.

    İlko İlaç and/or the companies acting under İlko İlaç and the real or legal entities involved in the management or acting as the managers of such companies shall not be responsible for any losses and damages including but not limited with the costs that arise directly or indirectly due to any performance failure, error, defect, missing item, damage, delay in operation and/or transfer, computer virus and/or line and/or system failure experienced during the use of the Web Site.

    Since the Web Information is for information only, the User shall not hold İlko İlaç responsible for any losses and/or damages that have arisen and/or may arise due to the transactions carried out further to the Web Information, and shall not claim any damages for this reason.

  4. Links to Other Websites

    The links, advertisements, connections on the İlko İlaç Web Site may direct the User to another website out of İlko İlaç's network. İlko İlaç does not assume any responsibilities on the content, accuracy or function of such websites. İlko İlaç may not be held responsible directly or indirectly for any indemnities, damages or penal conditions that may occur due to access to or use of such websites.

  5. Online Commerce

    The Web Site may offer means of selling various goods and services offered by İlko İlaç online. To make an order to purchase goods and services on the Website, the User will be required to provide correct, reliable and complete personal details as required, such as name, surname, telephone number, credit card details, electronic mail address and the delivery address of the order.

    If the user places an order to buy the items owned by third parties as a result of the links provided on the Web Site, or as a result of direction to other websites that provides links, or gives his/her personal details and account details to third parties, such details are received by the mentioned third parties, not by İlko İlaç, and the user accepts in advance that İlko İlaç does not assume any responsibilities on these matters.

    The user shall not hold İlko İlaç or its employees, managers, directors, agents, their successors and heirs responsible for any losses, damages, costs and similar losses that may occur during the purchase of the items that belong to third parties on the Web Site or on other websites accessed or linked from the Web Site, and shall not raise any claims against these individuals.

  6. Cookies

    Cookies, which may be defined as the small data files saved on your computer during your visit of the Web Site on the Internet, are employed. Generally these are small text files sent to the users' computers and saved there to collect and compile mass data in order to identify the regular users of web pages, facilitate the users' access to the website, make visiting the website more convenient, give a better experience and improve and enhance the content of the website.

    The cookies used on the Web Site do not save and do not disclose personal details of the User. Furthermore, the information transferred by means of cookies is not used for any promotional or marketing objectives. İlko İlaç uses cookies to monitor how the Website is used in order to increase the effectiveness and convenience of the Web Site. The information obtained through cookies shall not be sold and/or shared with the third parties.

    The user may remove previously downloaded cookies, disable the download of future cookies or enable notification of the user before downloading cookies through the required settings on the Internet browser. Nevertheless, we would like to indicate that cookies are required for proper operation of the Web Site and availability of certain functions.

  7. Personal Details and Access

    The user's personal details such as name, e-mail address, fax number or e-mail address that are shared through the Web Site are kept confidential under İlko İlaç and Selçuklu Holding A.Ş. (“Selçuklu Holding”) group companies and they are not shared with any third parties and/or organizations.

    İlko İlaç and/or Selçuklu Holding Groups companies shall use the related personal details to (i) send printed materials/communications, (ii) submit press releases or notices by electronic mail and (iii) assess your applications during recruitment processes and for similar objectives to the extent that it is obligated and allowed by the legal regulations.

    İlko İlaç may disclose the related personal details only under the following circumstances:

    1. If the user approves the disclosure of his/her personal details to third parties, then
    2. To identify the user profiles for use within the body of İlko İlaç and Selçuklu Holding Group Companies,
    3. For development, supply of the products and services the User requests from İlko İlaç, or the correction of the problems related with the services and tools offered to the User,
    4. While offering products and services to the user, in order to use them in the provision of these products and services to the companies with which they have worked together (cooperated),
    5. During legal inquiries, further to court order or legal procedures.
  8. Information on Products and Services

    The Web Details included on the Web Site may include direct or indirect references on İlko İlaç products, programs and services that are subject to different legal regulations and conditions that vary among countries and that are not available in the market in certain countries and regions, or are available with different brand names in different regions. Such references do not mean that such products, software or services will be sold by İlko İlaç in your country/region.

  9. Your Requests and Questions

    The stored information shall be deleted by İlko İlaç upon the expiration of the legal or contractual filing period or when İlko İlaç does not require them anymore. However, the User may request deletion of his/her details at any time he/her desires. Furthermore, the User may withdraw his/her consent on the use or processing of their personal details. The User may contact İlko İlaç in such circumstances or regarding all other questions. İlko İlaç may be contacted with the same method for the questions related with the safekeeping of the data of the user and the areas of use of such details. İlko İlaç will spend maximum efforts to respond to the User's requests.

  10. Miscellaneous

    Istanbul (Central) Courts and Execution Offices are authorized to settle any disputes that may arise from the application of the foregoing provisions and the legal relation. By using the Web Site, the User acknowledges the binding nature of the privacy policy. Please do not use this Web Site unless you agree with this confidentiality policy. Any and all power of disposition and use of this Web Site belongs to İlko İlaç.